Quick facts about cool dinosaurs


Quick Tyrannosaurus Facts

This dinosaur had 60 razor sharp teeth
The teeth on the Tyrannosaurus could be up to 9 inches long
This dinosaur used its tail to maintain balance



Quick Spinosaurus Facts

The meaning of Spinosaurus is Spine Lizard
They were the biggest carnivorous dinosaur on Earth
They could weigh as much as 3 elephants
They could stand over 6 stories high



Quick Carnotaurus Facts

The Carnotaurus can run as fast a kangaroo can hop
It weighed as much as 10 gorillas
Had tiny arms like a T Rex




Quick Triceratops Facts

Triceratops were 30 feet long (as long as 3 car links)
Triceratops weighed 12 tons; as much as 2 male elephants
They were herbivores


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